Tugas 2 Bahasa Inggris 2#

1. ( S + V1 )
My full name is Syukron Maulana Malik.
I take a bath every morning.
I also jogging every morning.
I read a book.
I wash my motorcycle.
I am a college student.
I go to campus.
My Father is a Businessman.
He reads a newspaper every morning.
He goes to work by his motorcycle.

2. ( S + be + Adj )
My father is a handsome man.
My mother is a beautiful woman.
My sister is afraid of the dark.
She is a little bit fat.
But she also cute.
I have so many kind friend.
They are so humble.
They are also funny.
Sometimes they are annoyed.
But they are a great friend.

3. ( S + be + Adv)
My mom cook very well.
I rides my motorcycle carefully.
My cousin studied seriously.
She talk slowly.
My friend so sadly.
The doctor take the patient gently.
She talk to me softly.
I usually play futsal.
He answered that question easily.
This exercise must be finish yesterday

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